5 Surreal Pictures That Will Blow Your Mind

There is so much detail in these incredible surreal pictures that you will be staring at them for ages.

These pictures are the work of Oleg Shuplyak who is an artist from the Ukraine. He is slowly developing a reputation for creating surreal paintings with famous people from history.

Take a look and tell us which one is your favorite.

1. Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam was actually based on a real person who was a meat packer that prepared salted meat for the US troops during the war. The name very quickly caught on and his image and slogan “Uncle Sam needs you” became a famous phrase during the era.

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2. Mona Lisa

Most people don’t know this but Mona Lisa is not the actual name of the woman in this famous painting. Lisa Gherardini is the person’s real name, Mona Lisa was the nickname Leonardo da Vinci gave to her which is Italian for “My lady Lisa”.

3. Sir Isaac Newton

Renowned scientist Sir Isaac Newton has achieved more discoveries than any other scientist. However the story of the apple falling on his head is not entirely accurate, according to Newton he was actually looking through his cottage window when he saw the apple fall from the tree.

4. Oleg Shuplyak Himself

This picture is a sort of selfie of the artist behind all these master pieces.

5. Vincent Van Gogh

Did you know that in less than ten years Van Gogh managed to paint over nine hundred paintings?

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