Anti-Cheating Wedding Ring, Would It Stop You?

A new wedding ring has recently come on the market which leaves an imprinted mark on your finger which is designed to prevent adulatory.

The wedding band has the words I’M MARRIED etched onto the inside of the ring which brands the wearers finger.

So if the married person were to sneakily remove their wedding ring to flirt or attempt to hook up with somebody other than their partner the branded marking should scare off anybody falling for the married person`s charms.

The anti-cheating wedding ring comes with a $550 price tag and after wearing it for a sufficient time, your finger will bear the indelible mark of those words, advertising your marital status even if you slip the ring off.

While this maybe a good idea we are not sure whether this would actually be a good enough deterrent. For instance in a night club it would probably be to dark to see and by the time the mark is noticed it’s too late. And would it really put people off? Would you stay away from somebody branded I’M Married?

In fact there are many folk out there who prey on married people so it may have the opposite effect in some circumstances.

What do you think?

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