Cat Breeder In US Selling Cats That Look Like Mini Werewolves

Did you know there is a cat breeder in America that breeds and sells cats that look like werewolves? They even behave more like a dog than a cat too.

This new species of cat was not created by man, it is in fact the product of a genetic mutation in a domestic short haired cat. A Tennessee cat breeder stumbled upon this new cat and fell in love with both it`s appearance and personality and so went about breeding more.

Johnny Gobble is the cat breeder who discovered this new cat breed and has named them ‘Lykoi’ which comes from the Greek word ‘wolf cat’. He claims they love to hunt and are very friendly around new people they meet which many cats aren`t.

Before Johnny and his wife Brittney started breeding these little critters they had them fully examined at a Veterinary clinic. The couple even went a step further and had them checked out at the University of Tennessee for any abnormalities.

It turns out the cat`s werewolf like appearance is due to hair follicles missing that would normally give the feline a full coat of fur. Also the hair follicles that were growing hair were not strong enough and may stop producing hair over time.

So the only defect these Lykoi had is that they may go bold as they get older. Apart from that the werewolf cats were given the green light so the Gobble family went about letting them breed.

The first Lykoi was born September 2011 and named ‘Daciana’.

The Lykoi kittens have become extremely popular and the Gobble family are bombarded with inquiries every day.

So who wants one of these werewolf cats as a pet?