10 Crazy Things You Never Knew People Could Be Allergic To

Discover ten crazy allergies that many people suffer from today. You won’t believe the allergic reactions some people have.

1. The Sun

This allergy is called solar urticaria and it causes people to break out in hives when exposed to artificial or natural light rays.

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2. Food

It is common for some people to be allergic to certain foods but there has been the odd cases were people have been allergic to all food. To receive the necessary proteins they have to be fed nutrients by a machine.

3. Sound

It may be hard to believe but some individuals have an allergy to sound. They suffer with severe ear ache and pounding headaches on hearing sounds.

4. Electricity

People with this allergy suffer with irritated skin, muscle pain and headaches. To reduce these symptoms one must insulate their entire living space with tin foil to repel the frequency waves that are trying to infiltrate their home.

5. Water

Even though water is a necessity to survive there are some people who are actually allergic to it. Known as aqua genic urticaria this allergy brings sufferers out in red itchy bumps. While these people have allergic to touch water they are still able to drink it.

6. Wood

There have been numerous cases were carpenters have had to giveup their trade due to developing an allergy to wood.

7. Touch

Known as dermatographia, this allergy causes some individuals to come out in red raised bumps similar to hives after something lightly scratches the skin. Even clothes can cause an allergic reaction.

8. Shoes

This allergy is brought on not because of an actual reaction to shoes but to the resin used in shoe making.

9. Beer

Beer is the most commonly consumed alcoholic beverage in the world but unfortunately for some people it causes an allergic reaction.

10. Exercise

Some people may say they are allergic to exercise for joke but for some it’s no laughing matter as there are many individuals who do actually suffer from this crazy allergy.

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