3 Most Dangerous Animals Become Best Friends At Animal Sanctuary

Meet three of the most dangerous animals in the world who have surprisingly become best pals at the Noah’s Ark animal sanctuary in America.

The three unusual friends are Leo the lion, Shere Khan the tiger and Baloo the bear.

These predators were discovered when they were just cubs after a police raid of a drug baron’s home in Atlanta. They were discovered in extremely poor health and immediately taken away and given treatment. Baloo was in the worst condition but with lots of tender love and care the sanctuary managed to bring back all three to full health.

Because they had spent the first part of their young lives together the zoo keepers thought it maybe less traumatic and in their best interest for them if they stay together.

Years later they have all grown into adults but have remained best buddies, in fact the group has been given the nickname “The BLT”. So next time your kids ask about the BLT they may not be necessarily talking about a sandwich.

Visitors to Noah’s Ark Zoo get witness the 1,000-pound bear, 350-pound lion and 350-pound tiger playing together in their own little pen.

Noah’s Ark is a non profit animal sanctuary for rescued exotic animals and farm animals. They find homes for hundreds of animals every year and rely on donations and visits to help look after the animals like Leo the lion, Shere Khan the tiger and Baloo the bear who will never be adopted.

For more information about these unusual friends and other animals at the Noah’s Ark Rescue Center visit their official site here. – Noah’s Ark.org


Sadly Leo the lion passed away in August 2016 from a liver disease. He was buried by the trio’s clubhouse, which was their favorite resting spot.