10 Dogs In Desperate Need Of Bee Allergy Treatment

Meet ten unfortunate dogs who regret eating a bee and are in desperate need of bee allergy treatment. Crazy to see how much their snouts can swell up.

After a fight with a bee this labrador seems to have his puppy eyes back.

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This little fella looks like he has hamster cheeks.

Don’t you just feel sorry for these poor dogs.

This poor dog’s snout is bigger than his head.

I guess the bee won this fight.

Do you think they have learnt their lesson and will stay away from bees from now on?

Poor pouches.

How can they find their food with snouts that swollen?

Is this puppy smiling?

Bonus Facts About Dogs That You Probably Didn’t Know

1.Did you know that the only sweat glands a dog has is on their paws?

2. Dogs curl up to sleep to protect their bodies from attack from predators.

3. Did you know that Dalmatian puppies are actually born pure white and only start to have their famous black spots as they grow older?

4. 62% of American households have a pet dog and 42% of these dog owners let their pooch sleep on the bed.

5. A dog`s nose is has a thin layer of mucous which absorbs scents and the dog only needs to like his nose to taste the sent.

6. Dogs pant to cool their body temperature down. When panting a dog takes between 300 and 400 breaths, normally they take just 30 to 40.

7. Did you know petting your dog can actually lower your blood pressure?

8. The basenji breed is the only dog that is unable to bark, but they can make other sounds such as yodeling!

9. Did you know that Labradors are the most popular breed in the United States.

10. Dogs have a sense of smell around 10,000 times stronger than us humans.

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