Fisherman Catches Incredible Sea Monsters During Deep Sea Fishing Trip

Check out some of the bizarre sea monsters a Russian fisherman happened to catch during his deep sea fishing trip. Some of them look like they belong in a horror movie.

Roman Fedorstov regularly goes deep-sea fishing off the coast of Russia, while most of the fish he catches appear normal every now and again an incredible sea monster gets caught in Roman’s net.

Many of these fish have never been seen before and Roman has set up a Twitter account to show the world these bizarre creatures that he catches. Shortly after sharing his pictures his images went viral.

How Crazy Are Those Teeth?

Ever Seen A Cyclops Fish?

Fisherman often go on deep sea fishing trips because the deeper they drop their nets the larger the fish they can catch. But because the fish are much bigger and stronger special equipment is needed to catch these fish.

Look At The Size Of It’s Eyes!

It is estimated that there are around 10 million different species living in the deepest parts of the sea but we have only ever accounted a few of these species.

There Are Even Creepy Spiders On The Ocean Floor

This Fish Makes Piranhas Look Tame

The types of fish that are fished on a deep sea fishing trip are marlin, tuna, dolphin fish, sailfish, barracuda, blue fish and many more.

What The Hell is This?

This Looks Terrifying

Wasn’t this creature in an Alien movie?

Is This The Weirdest Mouth You Have Ever Seen?

Nine Tentacles, WTF!

What has nine tentacles?

Are These Some Sort Of Blob Fish?

If you want to see more of the crazy creatures Roman has caught then visit his Twitter page here.

Article Source – Distractify