Meet The Man Who Hasn`t Had A Face Wash In Over 60 Years

This is Haji, an 80 year old Iranian who claims cleanliness makes him sick so has not had a face wash in over sixty years.

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Haji currently lives in isolation in Dejgah village, in Southern Iran. Whether being in isolation is his his own choice or it`s because of the unbearable smell we are uncertain.

Because of the lack of a face wash for so many years his skin has become the color of Earth. In fact it has become a kind of camouflage making him difficult to spot at a distance.

His entire self maintenance is extremely bizarre to the likes of you and me but to Haji it`s normal. For example when he needs a hair cut or a shave Haji prefers to burn his hair rather than cut it.

If you think that is strange enough then listen to his peculiar eating habits. Haji doesn`t like fresh meat or water. He only eats food that is rotting and drinks water from a dirty and rusting old can.

Now guess what he likes to smoke in his pipe?

While most normal people like to have a puff on tobacco this crazy Iranian smokes animal feces. Can you imagine what his breath smells like?

Haji lives out his days in a hole in the ground similar to a grave and despite his strange way of living he seems quite content with his life.

The local villagers have tried to help Haji by building him a simple brick shack to sleep in and while he has used it on numerous occasions he does often return to his whole in the ground.

He has become a sort of celebrity among the locals who have nicknamed him Amou Haji. ‘Amou’ is the Farsi term of endearment for a kind old man.

Haji lives his life without a care in the world. He has nothing to lose and so has nothing to fear.

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