Japanese Man Walks His Nine Pet Cats Everyday In A Baby Stroller

A Japanese man has earned the nickname Cat Man of Kyushu because he takes to the city streets everyday with his nine furry felines in a baby stroller.

Masahiko Suga is a 55-year-old retired electronics company worker and has become a bit of a celebrity in his home city of Tokyo. Crowds usually gather around him taking pictures and filming his beautiful well behaved felines having a leisurely stroll.

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Even though he currently lives in Tokyo, Masahiko has earned the nickname The Cat Man of Kyushu because he comes from the city of Kagoshima which is situated on Japan’s third largest island.

Masahiko adopted his first cat back in 1999 and has continued to adopt more cats over the years.

The Cat Man of Kyushu came up with the idea to walk his cats after they started to become agitated living in his small apartment. The walk aparently calms the cats and they have grown to enjoy the walks. Especially when the public crowd around and give them a fuss.

Most dog owners take their dogs out for walks so why not cats thought Masahiko Suga. He also feels happy allowing people to interact with his felines because it distracts them from their busy working lives for a brief moment.

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