People Are Doing Photoshop Of Mr. Bean And The Results Are Hilarious!

Mr. Bean is probably one of the most popular, funniest and beloved figures of all time. The character does not even have to talk to make us laugh.

Despite Rowan Atkinson retiring the character Mr bean in 2012 there are rumors of him making another return to our screens.

Until then, here are some funny photoshop pictures that fans are doing with the face of Mr. Bean.
Take a look because your day will be much better … you can be sure!

1. Meet Mr Beanber!

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2. Mona Bean!

3. Mad Bean Max!

4. Mr Bean Potter!

5. Bean Avatar!

6. The Lord of the Beans!

7. I Bean Painting!

8. Logan Bean!

9. Pirates of the CaribBean!

10. Bean Soldier!

11. Indiana Bean!

12. Bean the Gladiator!

13. The Black SwanBean!

14. The Queen Elisabeth Bean!

15- The WolverBean!

16. Mr Sbeanpok!

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