15 Incredible Pictures Of Extremely Rare Melanistic Animals

Discover fifteen different animals that were born completely black. These creatures are extremely rare and very spectacular!

Most people have seen albino people and even animals but there is also an opposite condition called melanism which leaves the person or animal completely black. In fact the word ‘melanism’ is a Greek word which means black pigment.

Check out these incredible pictures below and chances are you have never seen these species this color before.

1. Black Barn Owl

The barn owl population in Britain has greatly declined over the years. Thousands die every year from being hit by a vehicle and many others die from eating poisoned rats. It’s very sad indeed.

2. Black Lion

Did you know that lions once roamed Europe and Asia. Thanks to man they are now only found in Africa.

3. Black Dolphin

Dolphins have two stomachs, one is to store food while the other digestes it’s meal.

4. Black Emperor Penguin

The emperor penguin is the largest species of penguin. maybe that’s why they are called emperors.

5. Black Squirrel

Did you know that there are 265 different species of squirrels around the worldwide?

6. Black Seal

The whiskers on a seal are to aid it detect prey in dark murky waters.

7. Black Golden Lion Tamarin

There are four species of lion tamarins and all native to Brazil but sadly due to mass deforestation of the Amazon rain forest all four species are endangered.

8. Black Ostrich

Ostriches are the largest birds on the planet as well as the fastest. They can hit speeds of 70 km/h.

9. Black Red Fox

Even though foxes are part of the dog family they share many of the same traits as the cat family.

10. Black Wild Rabbit

Did you know that baby rabbits are also called kittens?

11. Black Heron

Many, many years ago people believed that the fat of a heron killed at full moon could cure rheumatism.

12. Black Mallard Duck

Did you know that the female duck plucks out her own feathers and lines her nest with them to cushion the eggs?

13. Black Skink

There are around 1’200 species of skink in the world.

14. Black Wolf

Wolves do not make good guard dogs because they are naturally afraid of the unknown. They are more likely to run and hide from visitors instead of barking.

15. Black Zebra

Are zebras black with white stripes or white with black stripes?

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Information Source: Wikipedia