Plane Blows People Off Beach During Takeoff At St Marteen Airport

Did you know there is a section of beach on the paradise of island of St Marteen that is dangerous to tourists because of planes taking off at St Marteen airport?

The most famous of the St Marteen beaches is located in the Netherlands Antilles and divided into French and Dutch territories. It has stunning turquoise sea, warm water and is hot and sunny all year round. But none of these items are the main attraction of Maho Beach.

Located about 20 minutes from the port, on the Dutch side of the island, only a narrow avenue separates it from the St Marteen airport and it is the daily flights that attracts tourists to this section of the beach.

plane landing at st marteen airport

You are probably wondering why an airport is a major attraction. Well the runway has just over 2 miles of tarmac and so landing the planes at St Marteen airport is extremely tricky. Pilots have to pass about 15 feet off the ground on approach to the paradise island which means they come in over the beach really low.

People come from all over the world just to photograph the planes landing just above their heads.

plane landing at st marteen airport

Every time someone watches a plane arriving, most tourists rush out of the water in search of cameras and smartphones to record the moment planes arrive. For at least 25 years the airport has been the highlight of Maho Beach. So much so that the beach has already earned the nickname “airport beach” and most of the photos have a plane in the backround.

plane landing at st marteen airport

What most entertains tourists, however, is not the landing, but the takeoff. When the airplane turns on the turbines it causes a very strong blast of wind that can knock someone down. People love this, feeling the pressure of the plane when it is taking off.

There are numerous warning notices around but not everyone follows the recommendations. Some people climb onto the fence and try to hold on as the plane engines engage thrust for takeoff.

plane landing at st marteen airport

The last accident occurred in 2012, when a woman was blown away by the jet blast and suffered a deep cut to her forehead after she went flying into a concrete curb.

plane landing at st marteen airport

plane landing at st marteen airport

Watch the shocking video below to see the crazy incident at St Marteen airport.

Would you be crazy enough to do something like this?

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Article Source; Daily News Dig