15 Spectacular Airbnb Destinations You Would Love To Stay At

Discover some of the most amazing and bizarre destinations around the world that are currently available to book through Airbnb.

Whether it’s a weekend getaway, extended holiday or a long-awaited vacation, traveling is something that has the power to renew us!

And it is not only destiny that has the capacity to surprise us. The place where we stay can also add to our experience.

So before your life turns into an Afternoon Session with “National Lampoon’s Vacation,” check out the following list with some of the most amazing accommodations on the famous Airbnb accommodation platform.

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1. Yellowstone National Park Tipis – USA

For $110, guests can spend an amazing night under the stars at Yellowstone National Park in Montana.

2. The Boot – Tasman, New Zealand.

While it may not be on every ones bucket list some people dream of sleeping in a boot. And if you have never considered it just take a look at this hotel available on Airbnb. It has a comfy bed, a cozy fireplace and it is nestled within a grove of hazelnut trees.

Price: $230/night.

3. Vintage Airstream – Australia.

Why not camp with style in this fantastic camper van. Not only is your accommodation awesome but you can also explore Australia’s beautiful coastline and enjoy nature from the comfort of your vintage caravan.

Location: Peggy Sue, Rye, Victoria, Australia.
Price: $204/night.

4. Nomad in the city – Melbourne, Australia.

Yurts are handicrafted homes used by nomadic Mongols and are rarely seen outside of Mongolia. They are unique, made with horsehair, cotton, wood, fabric and felt.

This one, in particular, is in the garden of a residence and is surrounded by peach trees, olive trees and banana trees. It’s like a time portal, which takes you to another world, even though it’s only two kilometers from Melbourne’s commercial center.

Location; Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia.
Price; $94/night.

5. Irish Castle – Ireland.

This castle was built in the 1400’s and has been refurbished with all mod cons you would expect from a hotel. Not only can you spend the night as a king of a castle but the location also has terrific views and lovely walks.

Location: Galway, Ireland.
Price: $144/night.

6. Giant Dog – USA.

If you thought the boot was strange enough then how about a giant dog. It overlooks fields and mountains, as well as being close to the Hells Canyon Gorge of Snake River, where it is possible to take a river tour on jet boats.

Of course you can bring your dog along, but you must notify the host in advance and pay a fee of 15 dollars per dog that accompanies you. Snacks and breakfast are included in the experience.

Location: Cottonwood, ID, United States.
Price: $98/night.

7. Converted School Bus Adventure – USA.

This school bus is currently available on airbnb but it`s not as odd as it sounds. The bus sits on a 5-acre ranch, in the Monterey Bay area and has a very comfortable Tempurpedic queen bed, remote controlled LED lighting, recycled redwood walls, heater, access to house (kitchen, bathroom, etc.), & optional 6:30 AM Kundalini Yoga with gong meditation.

Farm fresh eggs are available on a seasonal, first come first serve basis. Bathrooms are located a short walk to the house. You are welcome to come and go as you please,

Location: California, United States.
Price: $51/night.

8. Bubble in the Forest – Fermanagh, United Kingdom.

This transparent bubble is situated on a 50 acres plot of land in the middle of a forest and offers stunning 180 ° wide view of nature. A night spent here is a romantic and exotic experience in which you can lay back and watch the stars on your comfy bed.

If that is not enough there are also trails through the forest, tennis courts, local restaurants and kayaking available during your stay.

Location: Fermanagh, United Kingdom.
Price: $287/night.

9. Lighthouse – Medulin, Croatia.

If you fancy a trip with romance, luxury and complete privacy while enjoying views of the open sea then look no further.

This light house vacation is located, 25 meters from the sea, situated high up on the rocks and an amazing place to soak up the sun.

It’s a place where you can sit and listen to the waves crashing against the cliffs, watch the seagulls joyfully fly around in circles, smell the salty seawater and watch the fishing boats on the horizons.

This light house was built in 1882 and is just 4 km away from the nearest village.

Location: Medulin, Croatia.
Price: $286/night.

10. Gypsy Carriage – Helston, United Kingdom.

This gypsy carriage is an unusual but fun destination for couples who are wandering around the southern tip of England. Spending a night in the caravan you can live like a “nomad”, baking marshmallows at the campfire or counting the stars of the northern sky.

But that does not mean you have to sacrifice anything. Pubs, bars and restaurants are within a few minutes walk. So exploring the Lizard Peninsula can be something fantastic. But if you want to add more activities, there is surfing, cycling, golf, horseback riding and diving.

Location: Helston, Cornwall- United Kingdom.

11. Bambus – Sololá, Guatemala.

In Central America’s paradise, between vegetation and tropical climate, you’ll find the Bamboo Guest House, made of bamboo stone.

For those who seek harmony with the essence of the natural universe. This house is located in Tzununa, a traditional Mayan city that faces the lake Atitlán and still provides an unforgettable view of a volcano. It is also possible to visit the waterfalls of the area to swim, cool or just relax.

Location: Tzununa, Sololá, Guatemala.
Price: $27/night.

12- Dutch Mill – Utrecht, Netherlands.

How about spending a night in an old windmill? After all, the Netherlands is not just about marijuana and the Red Light District.

The mill features a living room, kitchen, external breakfast table and even a bathtub.

But if you start to miss civilization then Amsterdam is only 25 minutes away. Two bikes are available for you to explore the region.

Location: Abcoude, Utrecht, Netherlands.
Price: $315/night.

13. Secluded Intown Treehouse – USA.

This is a beautiful fairy-tale-like tree-house for grownups. Located in Atlanta, the Tree house comprises of three rustic cabins connected by suspended rope bridges and decorated with twinkling fairy lights.

Made from reclaimed materials, the relaxing retreat accommodates two and comes stocked with wine and a basket of snacks.

It was named in 2016 as Airbnb’s most wish-listed property in the world.

Location: Atlanta, Geórgia, Estados Unidos.
Price: $ 375/night.

14. White Lounge Igloo Hotel Romance – Austria.

Spending a night in an igloo at 2,000 meters above sea level, is truly an incredible experience. What makes it so unforgettable is not the temperatures but rather the thrill of the adventure. Because when the sun disappears behind the summits of the Tux Alps, the stars begin to twinkle, and the valley below turns in to a sea of lights.

The amazing views of the starry sky and the bonfire will forever remain ingrained in your memory.

Location: Mayrhofen, Tirol, Austria.
Price: $ 422/night.

15. The Seashell House – Mexico.

This unbelievable shell-shaped home is the perfect hotspot for those who loves the beach. The architecture is stunning and makes you feel like you are one with the ocean. The beds, tables and even shower heads are all themed around shells.

Location: Isla Mujeres, Mexico.
Price: $225/night.

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