Can You Spot Any Of The 500 Sheep Hiding In This Photo?

We challenge you to find at least one of the five hundred sheep lurking around in the picture below.

No Luck? Then Try The Picture Below

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There are actually over five hundred sheep in these pictures. They were taken by a sheep farmer in Canada after she thought her sheep had all disappeared. Turns out they were all just very well camouflaged.

When you see sheep against a green background such as grass they are very visible. But when they are in there more natural habitat they are able to camouflage themselves from predators.

Sheep also have incredible eye sight and a huge field of vision. This means they can actually see predators behind them without having to turn there heads.

Sheep are also the most common of large livestock, in countries such as New Zealand and Australia they have larger numbers than that of the human population. In fact in New Zealand there are twenty sheep for each human.

Even without snow this herd of sheep are quite hard to see.