Top Ten Funniest Pictures Circulating The Internet Right Now

Take a look at these hilarious pictures which are currently causing a barrel of laughs on the internet.

1. This Guy has Just Been To The farmers Cash And Carry Sale

And now he is on his way to a barbecue.

2. Resistance Is Futile

This cat doesn’t seem to have an ounce of fear in him.

3. Just When You Think Things Are Going Well

Shit happens.

4. On Your Bike Lads

This is a great way to get around until the bus does an emergency stop and you end up under it!

5. Who Needs A Spare Tire When You Have Friends

Good job the car was front wheel drive or this could have got complicated.

6. When These Two get Together Sparks Fly

A match made in heaven.

7. This Bag Of Lettuce Is So Fresh It’s Alive

I have heard of Toad In The Hole but not Toad In The Bag

8. Every Passenger’s Nightmare!

Hello from the other side!

9. Well Groot Had To Come From Somewhere

Look, he is yawning.

10. Dramatic Cat Eaten By Shark. LOL

We all know somebody who over reacts!!