Awesome Toy Cars Inspired By Mad Max Film

Awesome dad converts his kid’s toy cars into two monster machines that look like they rolled out of the Mad max blockbuster movie.

Every child likes to impress their little friends and schoolmates with the latest full-fledged toys but thanks to the talent and creativity of Father Ian Pfaff of California, these little Juniors can cruise their neighborhood like two characters from the Mad Max movie.

Strolling around the house, Ian began collecting old broken pieces of some appliances and electronics, such as a coffee maker and a computer, and decided to reinvent the little kids’ cars, which were slightly damaged.

Inspired by the classic “Mad Max”, Ian also enlisted the help of his wife to create special costumes for the youngsters.

Junior and Benji have won two cars that seem to have come straight from the movie screens, to say the least. The similarities with the original movie vehicles are awesome! Don’t you agree?

The Original Toy Car

Starting The Transformation

The Steering Wheel Looks Fantastic

The Final Result

The Little Girl Was Turned Into Badass With Mom’s Help

Are They The Coolest Kids On The Block or What?

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Article Source; Bored Panda