Top Ten Funniest Pictures Circulating The Internet Right Now

We have put together a collection of the funniest pictures which are currently causing a barrel of laughs on the internet right now.

These images have a very strong appeal, especially on the internet. A single funny or unusual photo is able to become a viral phenomenon extremely fast, reaching an impressive number of Internet users, in all parts of the world.

From time to time, a photo ends up attracting attention and making success on the web. In this selection of the funny pictures, you will be able to check 10 photos that broke the internet and made many people burst into laughter, with a twinge of incredulity.

1. This Guy has Just Been To The farmers Cash And Carry Sale

guy on a motorbike with a cow

And now he is on his way to a barbecue.

2. Resistance Is Futile

brave cat walks without fear in front a pack of dogs

This cat doesn’t seem to have an ounce of fear in him, little does he know this is actually feeding time.

3. Just When You Think Things Are Going Well

soldier stood in front of aircraft gets a bucket of water thrown on him from the cockpit

Always expect the unexpected, especially when you have friends like these.

4. On Your Bike Lads

group of lads all holding onto the back of a bus while on their bikes

This is a great way to get around until the bus does an emergency stop and you end up under it!

5. Who Needs A Spare Tire When You Have Friends

fiat panda with a funny spare wheel

Good job the car was front wheel drive or this could have got complicated.

6. When These Two get Together Sparks Fly

a guy with a fat friend on the back thats so heavy its making sparks fly

A match made in heaven.

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7. This Bag Of Lettuce Is So Fresh It’s Alive

a back of lettuce with a frog inside it

I have heard of Toad In The Hole but not Toad In The Bag. Maybe this is the vegetarian version.

8. Every Passenger’s Nightmare!

a skydiver hovering outside a plane window with the sign saying I was your pilot

How to scare the pants of your passengers, but is he planning on getting back in to fly us home.

9. Well Groot Had To Come From Somewhere

a red apple with a stalk that looks like a mini groot

Look, he is yawning, or is he saying I am froot? Either way he is a cute Groot.

10. Dramatic Cat Eaten By Shark. LOL

a cat inside a bed that looks like a shark

We all know somebody who over reacts, but are they has over dramatic as this cat. LOL

We hope you liked our collection of funniest pictures online, our favorite is the pilot outside the aircraft window with the sign saying he was the pilot lol. Which one was your favorite?

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